Offers and Promotions

Discount for those who book from our website

How does it work:


Book from our website to get a 20% discount


For all our customers who book from our website by accessing the Book Now, we will apply a 20% discount on the final bill with a minimum purchase of 30 euros per person.

The discount is valid for both lunch and dinner. Applies to the à la carte menu, drinks included. Reservations required

Discount for ristocoin users

How does it work:


Pay now, you will get 40% when you come to visit us!


Hi friends, from now you can buy the RistoCoin of our restaurant by accessing the page RistoCoin.

RistoCoin is a fantastic friendship pact between guests and restaurants, a special currency that allows you to pay for a dinner now and get 40% of the value / purchasing power when you want to visit us.